Line of Sight or Line of Fire


As a rookie HR practitioner, accompanying seniors for meetings with business or senior management was a test by fire on many a occasion. For the most of part,we had a nebulous understanding into what was expected from us. We would go with proposals which would be summarily shot down or during an operational meeting, our targets could be doubled at the flip of a coin! Coming out with status-quo was considered a win!
Business considered HR as service providers and expected a full court press on any proposal. HR on the other hand did not think it necessary to present an internal proposal with the same intensity of an external pitch. Obviously this did not meet business’s expectation. Business felt they were being short-changed and taken for granted. HR on the other hand felt business was unreasonable and expecting too much from a department within the firm.
As a result HR was in many cases avoiding the line of fire because it did not have a clear line of sight into business’s actual expectations!

In the LeanHCM ecosystem, such a situation would be improbable. HR and Business is joined at the hip and need to run together to achieve business objectives. They jointly decide the line of sight to avoid the line of fire from internal and external stakeholders.
This will take away the perception of business that HR is a gate-keeper and a bottleneck to decision-making. HR on the other hand would appreciate their role in enabling business to be successful.

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